SOS Rijeka – Centre for Nonviolence and Human Rights is a non-governmental, non-profit and feminist organisation active along four different programme lines:

Providing help and support to victims of domestic, partner and sexual abuse.

This programme is carried out primarily via the project of the Counselling Centre for Victims of Domestic, Partner and Sexual Abuse, and based on providing confidential, timely and free of charge psychosocial and primary legal help.


Prevention and education

“Prevention and education” are a field of strategic interest for our Association: through programmes of prevention and education it strives to contribute to the reduction of violence in the future in general.



Advocacy and lobbying for social changes

Advocacy and lobbying for social changes are mainly conducted through cross-sectoral
collaboration with institutions and activism.


Society of nonviolence

Society of nonviolence is a field that strives to raise awareness and citizens’ capacity to recognise
violence, react to violence and provide support to violence victims.


The Association’s operations are designed and implemented by the Coordination Team, the Board of Directors and the Assembly.

The Assembly is the highest authority of the Association, comprising all the Association members (16 of them).

The Board of Directors is the management-supervising authority. Currently it consists of five persons – Association members of different professions, i.e., professional knowledge and skills. The Board of Directors members are: Marta Grahovac, Doris Rađa, Tamara Komadina, Tatjana Noković and Maja Sikirica.

The Coordination Team is the executive body consisting currently of three persons – Association members. The Coordination Team members are: Tina Kovačić (president), Lorena Zec (vice-president) and Iva Čatipović (member). The Coordination Team is in charge primarily of the implementation of the Association’s regular activities, development planning and submitting proposals to the Board of Directors and the Assembly.

The term of office of the Board of Directors and the Coordination Team expires on 4 June 2024.


A society in which violence is not a private matter, contributed to by active and socially responsible citizens and the SOS Rijeka Association, as a centre for nonviolence and human rights, acknowledged as a relevant stakeholder in the process of caring for violence victims through the provision of social services.


SOS Rijeka is a feminist organisation that provides support to all (adult) victims of domestic, partner and sexual violence through psychosocial, legal and other forms of assistance. We stand for a society of non-violence in which human rights are protected, respected and lived.

The Association includes a Counselling Centre for victims of domestic, partner and sexual violence, where persons who contact us can receive free and confidential psycho-social and primary legal assistance. The Counselling Centre is funded primarily through the projects we implement, but any financial contribution is more than welcome. If you are able and want to support the work of the Counselling Centre, the donations will be used to support violence victims. Thank you for your support!

The Association’s giro account is opened at ERSTE Bank – Rijeka:

IBAN: HR0724020061100138885
VAT: 74388311149