What legal services does the Counselling Centre offer?

The Counselling Centre is authorised to provide free primary legal assistance.

Apart from legal assistance, free psychological help is also available at the Counselling Centre.

Primary legal aid includes:

– general legal information (general and basic instructions on the legal regulation of a particular area)

– legal advice (complete instructions regarding the manner and possibilities of resolving the exercise and/or protection of a certain right)

– drafting pleas before public legal bodies, the European Court of Human Rights and international organisations

– representation before public legal bodies (state administration bodies, other state bodies, bodies of local and regional government units, legal entities with public powers)

– legal assistance in out-of-court peaceful settlement of disputes

Primary legal assistance does NOT include representation and drafting pleas in court proceedings, so we are NOT authorised to represent you in court.

Who is the Counselling Centre meant for?

The Counselling Centre is intended primarily for adult victims of family, partner and sexual violence, regardless of gender.

We also provide free primary legal assistance to members of other socially vulnerable groups, i.e., citizens who meet the conditions prescribed by the Free Legal Assistance Act when it comes to:

  • persons who experience violations of their rights at their workplace,

  • citizens/families who need counselling and legal information in the field of family law and social rights regarding maternity and parental support (regardless of whether they are victims of violence or not).

For other groups of citizens, who are not victims of violence, the Association entered into a Cooperation Agreement with the Law Clinic of the Faculty of Law in Zagreb. As part of the Clinic, students provide free legal assistance to citizens who need it by processing received cases with the help and advice of academic mentors – teachers and associates with the Faculty of Law. The areas for which the Clinic has established special groups are: family law and child protection, worker protection, discrimination, citizenship and asylum, patient rights, protection of victims and witnesses of criminal offenses and assistance in enforcement proceedings. Visits to the Legal Clinic in Rijeka and to the Association will be announced in a timely manner on the website and Facebook page of the Association. During these visits, all the interested citizens will have a chance to request free primary legal assistance.

More information about the Clinic, as well as contact information, is available at:

Who provides legal assistance in the Counselling Centre?

A Master of Law with many years of experience working with victims of violence, authorised by the Ministry of Justice and Administration.

She is assisted in her work by external associates, experts in specific legal areas, and a volunteer legal team of law students and lawyers.

How can you contact us?

You can contact us via e-mail: or by calling +385 51 211 888.